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All the above Prices include up to a 3 colour print, for 4 colours there will be an additional 10p/ball and for 5 colours an additional 10p/ball.
The Print Set up fee covers up to a 3 colour print. for 4 colours setup will be £70 and 5 colours setup will be £90

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Cricket has really taken off in the last few years. With huge world-class events attached to the sport, and cricket everywhere on TV now, it seems obvious that companies need to get their brand out there.

Cricket has also taken off in schools too. This means that there are plenty of young people who are involved in the game, so it is growing at a breakneck pace. Now is the perfect moment to get your company branding message onto a professional cricket ball so that your customers and prospective customers see your brand.

Promotional cricket balls result in a great level of presence. Whether you’re giving them out at a special charity cricket event that you sponsored, or as part of the free gift bag you give to corporate clients who you treat to a cricket match, they’re small, portable, and great fun.

The very best printing

We work hard to bring the very best printing of your brand message and logo to the cricket ball. Whether it’s a red cricket ball or one of the more modern colours, our printing is bright, vibrant and very much high profile.

This means that your brand gets seen quickly and presents as vibrant and urgent. Attach it to the game of cricket, and you have a great sense of fun and tradition too.

All our branded cricket balls are made from high quality leather, so they last. This means your brand is visible and, more importantly playable, in the months and years to come.

Connect with your customers through the wonderful game of cricket, and choose our brand of cricket balls to link your brand to a high quality, professional and traditional game.

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